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The Yonkers Early Childhood Initiative (ECI)

Promoting the strength and potential of children and families in Yonkers

The Yonkers Early Childhood Initiative (ECI) engages public and private organizations with local residents to foster and support the well-being of local children from birth through age five.

ANDRUS founded ECI in 1998 with generous support from the Surdna Foundation and in partnership with the Healthy Yonkers Initiative (HYI). Our mission is to insure that young children in Yonkers are born and raised healthy, nurtured by their families, supported by their communities, and prepared to learn and achieve their potential from the first moment they enter school. ECI is currently collaborating with Yonkers Thrives, a cradle to career initiative, as a member of one of their Collaborative Action Networks focusing on Kindergarten Readiness.

Through our various programs and initiatives, ECI aims to:

Yonkers Early Childhood Data Book

Published in 2000 and 2004, the award-winning Yonkers Early Childhood Data Book documents the needs and resources available to parents and children throughout our community.

Parent Resources and Advocacy

In addition to the Data Book, ECI produced the “Welcome to Yonkers, Dear Baby” resource manual for new parents and “Your Yonkers Baby” newsletter. These highly acclaimed publications helped to bring new grants into Yonkers to support collaborative service projects, provide training for early childhood professionals, conduct outreach about health insurance for low income families, and influence public policy on behalf of children and families.


For more information on ECI, contact:

Corine E. Lurry
Early Childhood Initiative
Phone (914) 968-1663