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The Volunteer Program of ANDRUS provides opportunities for friends and neighbors to help us better serve our children. Volunteers bring compassion and hope along with their service. Through helping staff, lending a hand, supporting our cause and providing smiles, members of the Volunteer Program impact lives in small and large ways.

There are many opportunities for all ages and skill levels at Andrus. We strive to have each volunteer seen as a valuable resource and feel engaged in our work. In return, the staff supports our volunteers and recognizes them as members of the Andrus “family”, working as a unified team toward the same goal of providing a better life for the children we serve.

Throughout the year, dedicated volunteers lend their time and effort to enhance our children’s experiences at Andrus. Volunteers perform many valuable tasks at our 14 sites throughout Westchester County. There are abundant opportunities to express your creativity and compassion, and also share your knowledge within our organization.

Our goal is to find the perfect fit for you and your skills in our community. Every extra hand makes a difference and helps nurture hope in our children for a brighter future. The children we serve come to us from hardships and trauma, so we hope you will take the time to understand and embrace them. Our priority is creating a safe and welcoming space for the children you will meet. We invite each volunteer to help us reach this goal.


Volunteers in action

For more information about volunteering, fill out our Volunteer Application Form, and a member of the ANDRUS Institutional Advancement team will reach out shortly. 

For all other inquires please contact the Volunteer Office at (914) 965-3700, or send an email to