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A Testament to Hope and Perseverance: 23 Youth Receive their Diplomas from ANDRUS’ Orchard School

“When you think about your journey here at ANDRUS, whether it was for months or years, I hope that you see what we all see: how much you have grown, how much you have learned, and how much you offer to the world!” quoted Bryan R. Murphy, ANDRUS President and CEO as he addressed the 23 eighth graders who received their diplomas from the award-winning special-education ANDRUS Orchard School on Friday, June 23rd. Truly the sky’s the limit for these youth who came from all walks of life and challenges and are now celebrating an achievement they once viewed as impossible…graduation.

Previously unable to thrive in traditional school settings, the Class of 2017 benefited from the efforts of highly trained special education experts, small class settings, individualized attention and support and have gained life skills and the art of managing emotions and academic competency. Some will attend mainstream education at their district high school and others will go to secondary schools specializing in working with youth who have learning, emotional and/or adjustment difficulties.

Bryan shared privately with a group of parents, “Thank you for allowing ANDRUS to become part of your family’s journey toward possibility and hope.  Please know that though our graduates are moving on, we will remain your biggest cheerleaders, always available to encourage and lend a hand where we can. It has been our privilege to care for your precious children. Thank you for sharing these smart, funny, creative, brave, kind and talented young people with us.”

ANDRUS: With programs on campus, in schools and in community-based settings throughout Westchester County, the nonprofit reaches 4,500 children and families each year from the New York Metropolitan area. Visit to learn more.

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