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I just wanted to say Thank You!

My daughter has been at Andrus for over 1 year now. I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished in the past year. I owe it all to the wonderful staff. There are always going to be hiccups along the way,  but we get through them. I love spending time at the cottage.  I adore the girls too!!  I was talking to a couple of girls and staff and told them that the cottage is my home. I explained that since my daughter is there, that is home and that everyone there is my family. Boy, did I get some great smiles. I can go on and on. I just want to thank you again for giving her that chance. I have never once regretted my decision to have my daughter at Andrus.

Mother of an ANDRUS resident

I have worked at ANDRUS for two years so far and have been impacted greatly by the people here. The children are so resilient and the direct care staff are completely selfless, putting the kids before themselves time and time again.

Member of the ANDRUS staff

Since she returned home, I’ve reflected a bit on my daughter’s lengthy interview process, concerns the team had during her initial months with us, and then compare to where she is now. And, Wowsers! It’s clear that with support from so many, my daughter has grown in ways that were once difficult to imagine- in part because you all kept believing and nurturing hope… and there you have it ;).

Mother of female Orchard School student

Her transformation began at Andrus, where love, patience, encouragement, and the right interventions at the right time literally saved her life and mine.

Father of an ANDRUS resident


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