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Sarah Yanosy to be Keynote Speaker for Australian Conference

Sarah Yanosy to be Keynote Speaker for Australian Conference

yanosy-biopicANDRUS Sanctuary Institute’s Sarah Yanosy To Join Legendary Experts in Trauma as Keynote Speaker during Conference in Melbourne, Australia, March 5-6, 2015

Westchester, New York, February 23, 2015 – Yonkers meets Australia as ANDRUS Sanctuary Institute Director Sarah Yanosy heads to Melbourne where she will open the Lighthouse Institute’s Journey to Recovery: The International Conference of Attachment and Trauma Informed Practice as its first keynote speaker. As executive of the Westchester-based ANDRUS Sanctuary Institute, a worldwide program that provides training and consultation services to organizations that work with vulnerable adults, children and families, Ms. Yanosy’s goal is to help agency leaders reclaim a culture of hope and innovation.

The two-day conference, held on March 5th-6th focuses on research, innovations and best practices in recovery-oriented approaches from an attachment and trauma informed perspective. The conference will explore: what current research about trauma recovery is clarifying; what is best practice at an international level; and how can organizations scale up innovation to reach more people. In additional to Ms. Yanosy, the conference will feature world-renowned experts including: Michael Merzenich, PhD; Dr. Louise Byrne, PhD; Pat Dudgeon, PhD; Dr. Judith Lewis Herman, MD; Dr. Cathy Kezelman, MD; and Dr. Paul Valent, MBBS, DPM, FRANZCP.

In her remarks, Ms. Yanosy will describe the way that trauma exposure can impact young people in the child welfare system and equally impact the very agencies and systems that exist to help them. When staff members are able to recognize the systemic symptoms of trauma among and between their colleagues, their agencies and the system as a whole, they can actively intervene to create a child welfare culture that promotes healing rather than one that simply replicates the traumatic experiences these children have endured in the past.

Ms. Yanosy describes a shift in therapeutic approach, “Sanctuary pushes us to change our orientation to people’s problems by respecting their histories and understanding the complexity of their experiences. This approach changes the fundamental question from ‘What’s wrong with you?’ to ‘What’s happened to you?’ Changing this question changes how we think, how we problem-solve and how we plan for a different future.”

At the ANDRUS Sanctuary Institute, Ms. Yanosy, LCSW, has overseen the implementation of system-wide holistic organizational interventions with over 300 organizations, including residential treatment, drug and alcohol treatment, domestic violence and juvenile justice programs in addition to hospital, community-based and school settings across the United States and in seven other countries. A gifted speaker, she has been a keynote on trauma and organizational culture nationally and internationally. Her most recent publication is an article co-authored with Landa Harrison entitled “Accessing the Untouchables: The Touch Points to Change,” Mental Health News, Winter 2013 Issue.


Andrus nurtures the social and emotional well-being in children and their families by delivering a broad range of vital services and by providing research, training and innovative program models that promote standards of excellence for professional performance in and beyond our service community. With sites throughout Westchester County, the nonprofit reaches 2,500 children and families each year from the New York Metropolitan area. Andrus also operates the Andrus Center for Learning and Innovation (ACLI) and The ANDRUS Sanctuary Institute, which has provided training and consultation to over 300 organizations worldwide in the use of a trauma-sensitive model for treatment and organizational change. Visit to learn more.