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“My child is whole and successful today because the right people, teachers, therapists, and opportunities were put in our path; and because I refused to succumb to the darkness.” – Parent

Over the past 80 years, ANDRUS has grown from a private home for 60 orphaned children into a nationally recognized leader in professional services for vulnerable children and families.

Our programs range from an acclaimed special education school to community-based mental health clinic, child care facilities, community supports, and advocacy services that touch the lives of more than 4000 children and families every year.

Special Education School : The Orchard School:

The Orchard School provides intensive clinical and academic support

The ANDRUS Orchard School anchors our work with children challenged by emotional, behavioral, developmental, and mental health issues. On our peaceful, historic campus, residential and day students in grades K-9 benefit from award-winning academics, innovative clinical therapies, and a dedicated, caring staff. Learn more about The Orchard School.

Community-Based Mental Health Services :

Mental Health Services strengthen children and families under stress

ANDRUS’ community-based mental health programs provide support and services to help individuals and families build on strengths and receive timely support and treatment so they can cope and thrive.

Child Care Facilities and Family Supports:

Quality childcare and family support services help parents and children thrive In addition to restorative services, ANDRUS provides a growing range of preventive services to support the social, emotional, and academic development of children and families across Westchester County.