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Mental Health Counseling Internship

Second Year Counseling students working toward their MHC have the opportunity to participate in a nine-month (two semesters – September through May) internship through ANDRUS that meets all client contact, administrative, and supervisory requirements.

The Internship is offered through the Mental Health Division of ANDRUS.

The Mental Health Division of ANDRUS is an outpatient, community-based mental health setting with its primary goal being early identification of and intervention with children and their families at risk for mental illness or under intense situational stress. Mental Health Division resources are focused on the treatment of children, adolescents, and adults who have significant emotional, developmental and/or family problems. Although it is among the largest facilities in the nation specializing in outpatient treatment of children under the age of 13, opportunities to treat adolescents and adults are also available.

Placements are in one of the area clinics, located in White Plains, Yonkers and Peekskill.

All interns participate in regularly scheduled didactic seminars and are expected to take on an active role in all training activities. Internship seminars are supplemented by scheduled staff agency-sponsored trainings as well as monthly attendance opportunities at local Grand Rounds through New York Presbyterian Hospital in White Plains.  Interns are encouraged to participate in this additional professional development experience if their academic schedule allows.

Students with interest in applying for placement in the ANDRUS Internship Program can submit their resume directly to Dr. Ruth Nirenberg, Director of Clinical Training & Supervision, at

Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be offered starting in March, annually.