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Hope Space

The “Hope Space” is five acres of Gardens, Green Houses, and our Therapeutic Farm that houses multiple species of animals. Located at the ANDRUS Children Center in Yonkers, New York.

ANDRUS Hope Space is an animal husbandry, therapy, and horticulture program.

Many ANDRUS children experience adverse experiences; others still have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. We understand the essential restorative nature of the animal and human bond. And, we recognize the vital interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment. Scaffolding these interconnections with our Sanctuary Philosophy and Psychology programs to provide a cohesive whole-child approach for care. The Hope Space begins the healing process for the children at ANDRUS by creating strong bonds with animals and nature. Our forest area, greenhouses, farm, and garden provide a wonder-filled natural space where children can observe and learn the circle of life within living systems, acquire skills to manage challenging emotions. Our Hope Space permeates every level of the child’s experience at ANDRUS and is integrated into a multidisciplinary model of delivery throughout the different settings in our school and residential programs. Finally, the Hope Space develops resilience in our children so that when they return to their home communities they are better prepared to handle adversity.

Hope Space is a vital initiative, and we want it to have a profound and lasting impact. We have three goals for Hope Space:

  • Improve the clinical and health outcomes of children and families
  • Develop specific life skills through work with animals and gardens
  • Become a magnet for broad community engagement

In order to accomplish these goals, ANDRUS will seek the financial support to:

  • To raise money build a teaching barn that could be used in inclement weather and all seasons.
  • Expand the animal therapy program to expand the number of animals as well as to include new species
  • To add elements to the current therapeutic farm for further children and animal engagement.


Other ways to give

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Gift of Stock

A gift to ANDRUS through your estate and financial planning is a great way to help ensure our innovative programs continue to help children and animals well into the future.

Gifts of stock and bonds can be one of the most advantageous ways of giving. Gifts in the form of incentive stock options or regular investment holdings allow the donor to deduct the full fair market value of the stock as a charitable contribution while bypassing all capital gains taxes (to qualify you must own your stock for more than one year). Securities may be donated by transferring them directly into The Friends of ANDRUS account.


The value of your gift is calculated by using an average of the high and low prices of the security on the date that it enters our account. This date is included in our thank you letter. This letter can then be used as proof of your donation for tax purposes.

Privacy Statement
Our broker cannot obtain any of your account information. Your information is kept strictly confidential to protect your privacy.

Bequests or Planned Giving

Putting ANDRUS in your will or trust is a wonderful way to show your support while accommodating your own personal, financial, estate planning, and philanthropic goals.

Planned Giving Supports Programs into the Future

A gift to ANDRUS through your estate and financial planning is a great way to help ensure our innovative programs continue to help children well into the future.

Bequests are an easy way to include ANDRUS in your estate plan and they are not subject to estate tax. Bequests can also be designated for a specific purpose other than general support. Simply name ANDRUS as a beneficiary as you prepare your will or living trust. If you already have a will or living trust, you may add ANDRUS as a beneficiary through a codicil or trust amendment.

Whether you are considering making a specific, residuary or contingent bequest, consult with your attorney or other advisors to make sure that the bequest you chose makes sense as part of your overall estate plan.


Legal name and address for ANDRUS donations:
Julia Dyckman Andrus Memorial
1156 North Broadway
Yonkers, NY 10701