Hope Space

Throughout our 90+ years of working with children and families who have experienced adversity, ANDRUS has recognized the healing nature of working with plants and animals.

The Hope Space, which includes a Therapeutic Farm, Gardens, Greenhouses, Bee Hives, a Nature Walk, and more, nurtures the connection between people, plants, and animals in a shared environment.

We understand the essential restorative power of nature, and so we provide the children at ANDRUS with hands-on experiences with nature. The Hope Space is an integral part of the healing process for the children who are here on our Yonkers campus. Our forest area, greenhouses, farm animals and gardens provide beautiful spaces where children can play, and observe and learn science in action, from the abundant plant and animal life that surrounds them, while acquiring the skills to manage challenging emotions. Our Hope Space allows children, who otherwise might not have this kind of daily access to nature, to experience nature as part of an integrated curriculum designed specifically for emotional healing as well as academic advancement. The Hope Space develops emotional resilience in our children, so that when they return to their home communities, they are better prepared to handle adversity.

Hope Space is a vital initiative, and we want it to have a profound and lasting impact. We have three goals for Hope Space:
1. Improve the clinical and health outcomes of children and families
2. Develop specific life skills through work with animals and gardens
3. Become a magnet for broad community engagement

In order to accomplish these goals, ANDRUS will seek the financial support to:
1. To raise money build a teaching barn that could be used in inclement weather and all seasons.
2. Expand the animal therapy program to increase the number of animals as well as to include new species.
3. To add elements to the current therapeutic farm for further children and animal engagement.

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