Support Andrus

Fulfill a Child’s Wish

We are asking for support from our friends, family, and community to send holiday cards to each of our children this holiday season. Please print a card from below, write a note, sign your name, and send it back to us. We will distribute the cards to the children that ANDRUS serves to let them know that you are thinking of them this holiday season. This small gesture will make all the difference.

For many children, the holiday season is the most joyful time of year, but for the children at ANDRUS that is not always the case. Many of the children that ANDRUS cares for have experienced incredible hardships. Some have been injured by the circumstances of neglect, abuse, poverty, or violence. Others wrestle with the reality of living with mental illness.  Others are faced with the daily challenges of living with autism. But their stories don’t end there.

It is our joy to know these children and their stories and to learn the true meaning of nurturing hope. We ask you to consider joining us in spreading holiday cheer to our children this holiday season.

Your support this holiday season is vitally important to our children, providing not only holiday gifts and meals, but critical therapeutic support, a safe learning environment, and so much more throughout the year.

A holiday donation of any amount can make all the difference in the life of a child. Click the link below to donate now OR simply sign the card and send it back to us for an ANDRUS child.

Together, you and all of us at ANDRUS can make the holidays a bit brighter by spreading love, peace and hope. Wishing a safe and happy holiday season to all.

Please click on one of the cards from below to open a print-friendly version.