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Clinical Services


ANDRUS provides clinical services to both the day students at the Orchard School and children in the Residential Treatment program The integration of clinical services to both these programs is a hallmark of ANDRUS. Clinical services are provided by trained and licensed clinical social workers, psychology interns, post-doctoral candidates and expressive arts professionals as well as psychiatrists when indicated. Core clinical services include weekly individual and group therapy sessions, family therapy and dyadic sessions. Additional specialized services, including enriched academic, arts and treatment programming are also part of each student’s program. All interventions emphasize those strategies for emotional regulation, social skills and symptom management that will lead to success in school and personal relationships.

We strongly believe that growth and change are possible for all of the children and families that we serve. We welcome families as full partners in the multi-disciplinary Treatment Team. Our staff is committed to providing evidence-based best practices as well as innovative clinical interventions. Clinicians receive a high level of ongoing training and support to ensure excellent and effective care. We view relationships with children and families as paramount, meaning our clinical staff take every opportunity to support families during challenging times.