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ACLI Brochure Photo 031 The ANDRUS Center for Learning and Innovation (ACLI) was created to facilitate dialogue among professionals who work on behalf of vulnerable children and families, including organizational and individual practitioners, founders, policy makers, researchers, and the public.

ACLI’s mission is to:

ACLI was instrumental in developing the Sanctuary Model of trauma-responsive organizational change and social movement, and now disseminates this innovative approach to other organizations, through the Six-levels of Sanctuary Institute training. Professional Development ?Individual practitioners benefit from the knowledge and experiences of ANDRUS Sanctuary faculty with expert guidance in trauma-informed care and staff development in building trauma responsive communities.


ACLI’s Sanctuary Institute provides on-site consultation and support in strategic planning, leadership development, accountability, empowerment, financial management, research, data collection, and analysis.


ACLI Sanctuary Institute researchers conduct and support research by scholars from diverse disciplinary and methodological perspectives to advance understanding and treatment modalities for families coping with mental health issues in children.


ACLI hosts national and regional symposia to facilitate the presentation and sharing of best practices by experts in the care of children with special needs.


ACLI serves as a virtual resource center for information, research, services, and programs related to vulnerable children and families by providing links to data sources, directories, publications, working papers, professional news and other sites.

To learn more about ACLI, contact:

Cate Manley 
Director of Business Operations
ANDRUS-Sanctuary Institute

1156 N. Broadway
Yonkers, NY 10701
Telephone: 914-965-3700, ext. 1120