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April 3, 2017

Meeting a Vulnerable Population Using a Sensory and Body Regulation Approach

By Andrea DeSantis, PT, MSOT, SEP©,
PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Physical Therapist,
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner©

Some children experience mental and behavioral difficulties that make their daily life a challenge. They struggle to regulate their emotions and cope with a world that isn’t always receptive to their reactive behavioral outbursts. At risk children are more vulnerable to anxiety and explosive anger. Their emotions can quickly escalate into a highly distressed state. These heightened reactions alienate them from society and reduce their participation in joyful relationship experiences with their family, school, and community. Use of sensory and body regulation activities facilitate a more optimal state of calm energy and focus, which improves the child’s emotional coping tolerance. Imagine an approach that could help these children learn new coping behaviors while they simultaneously experience joy and a sense of confidence.

To view the full article in Behavioral Health News, please CLICK HERE and scroll to page 27.