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The Sanctuary Institute

The Sanctuary Institute provides training and consultation services on the Sanctuary® Model, a research-informed trauma responsive training model. Sanctuary Institute serves human impact agencies, social impact organizations, education systems and communities that have experienced trauma, vicarious trauma and social inequity. The Sanctuary Institute focuses on helping organizations and leaders reclaim a culture of hope and innovation.

How we have adapted to the changing times…

One of the most important things during a time of uncertainty and fear is that we all re-frame our mindset. While it’s completely understandable to be worried, our mantra at ANDRUS has been to channel our anxiety into taking productive action where we can to stop COVID-19 from spreading, and to keep our focus on our job at hand: giving empathetic support, taking proper precautions to keep our children safe and being productive, and supporting one another so we can continue to carry out the mission of our agency during this time.

By practicing our Sanctuary model daily, we have found that these tools are particularly useful, given the current circumstances. We have consistently checked in with our teams either in person or remotely or individually or as a group to ensure everyone has a chance to express their concerns, report on their health status and simply know there is a community supporting them.

Our Sanctuary Institute team has been able to provide top-notch workshops for the staff on Sanctuary and Covid-19 related topics. Throughout the weeks they have also shared information for parents and caregivers. Our model gives us great resources for navigating these difficult times and practicing self-care is imperative to keep our physical bodies safe as well as our spirit and our minds healthy.

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