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Campus Division

During the year, over 75 children with severe mental and behavioral health issues reside in ANDRUS’ Tudor-style cottages under the full-time guidance of trained and dedicated staff. Benefiting from innovative and highly personalized care and treatment, generations of ANDRUS alumni have gone on to greater independence and stability.

Through our Day Program, another more than 75 children continue to live at home while utilizing the agency’s comprehensive educational, social and psychological services each day, helping them address issues and behaviors disrupting their lives.

Every one of these children from both programs are enrolled in ANDRUS’ Orchard School and receive highly specialized instructional services, enabling them to learn at their own pace, without stigma.

How we have adapted to the changing times…

Our Campus Division continues to find new ways to engage our children and families. For the children who are still living on campus, we have taken advantage of the nicer weather in the last few weeks while practicing social distancing.

The Orchard School team continues to diligently work on engaging children on our distant learning platforms and we continue to see improvement.  During this shutdown, the campus and school’s clinical team’s strategic plan efforts have not ceased and have been heavily focused on family engagement and support.

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