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Situational Crisis Management Services

Helping Children, Individuals, and Families Cope with Traumatic Life Events

Each of us has a breaking point. When circumstances become overwhelming and begin to cause severe distress, ANDRUS’ situational crisis management services can offer timely, caring intervention.

Situational crisis events

Clients come to ANDRUS reeling from a variety of emotional stressors:

Even wide-scale events like a natural disaster can precipitate the need for psychological support.

Short-term focused therapies

Treatment, offered by a team of specially trained clinicians, is available to clients of any age – individually or together with their families. In-home services or hospice care visits can be arranged and Medicaid, Medicare, and select insurance plans are accepted.

The Situational Crisis Service team also provides mental health consultation to schools, corporations and other community groups to help cope with man-made and natural disasters or other emergencies.

Guided by our expert clinical team, patients learn to manage the psychological impacts of trauma so they can return to healthy functioning.



For more information, contact:

Kerron D. Norman
Vice President and Chief Program Officer
1156 North Broadway
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