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ANDRUS Home Visiting Programs

Strengthening vulnerable families by building protective factors through in-home education and support.

The ANDRUS commitment to early intervention includes partnerships with neighborhood organizations to identify and provide in-home support to strengthen families, support healthy childhood development, and promote school readiness.

With deep respect for the role of parents, ANDRUS looks to build on core family strengths, offering guidance and tools to help parents manage stress, access resources, and provide nurturing support for their children. Services are offered in the home, and through schools, child care programs, housing projects, health care facilities, and community organizations.

ANDRUS currently provides support to two state-funded home visiting programs: Healthy Families New York (HFNY) and Therapeutic Parent Aide Services (TAPAS).

Healthy Families New York (HFNY)

HFNY offers in-home support services to parents from pregnancy through the child’s enrollment in Head Start or Kindergarten. HFNY staff work with parents to:


Parents are encouraged to enhance their self-sufficiency by pursuing educational, vocational and professional enrichment. HFNY links families with community resources, including food, clothing, housing, and counseling support.

Families must enroll before the child is 3 months old. Services are available to those living in Yonkers zip code 10701 or 10705 under Project LAUNCH, which focuses on improving the systems that serve young children and address their physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and behavioral growth.


For more information on HFNY, contact:
Corine E. Lurry
Healthy Families New York
Phone (914) 968-1663


Therapeutic Parent Aide Services (TAPAS)

The Therapeutic and Parent Aide Service (TAPAS) is a three-month home visiting program designed to strengthen parents’ abilities to care for themselves and their children, stabilize family functioning, and avert the need for foster care placement. Services are available to families with children ages 0-18 who are referred by the Department of Social Services and reside in Southern Westchester County.

TAPAS’ Therapeutic Parent Aides help families implement positive parenting skills, including effective discipline techniques and communication. Information about child development helps parents learn to set age-appropriate expectations.

TAPAS also helps families learn to navigate the school system, advocate for their children, and address issues that may affect school attendance. Parents can get help with family budgeting to build financial management skills, and access safety checks to protect child safety in the home. Families can be connected to health care providers for preventive and medical care, as well as assessments for mental health, early intervention, or special education.


For more information about TAPAS, contact:
Elba Torres
Phone (914) 968-1663