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The ANDRUS Gala: Friday, November 3 The Ritz-Carlton, White Plains NY

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, New York, November 3, 2017 –The annual ANDRUS Gala is being hosted Friday, November 3 at the Ritz-Carlton in White Plains NY. Cocktails begin at 6pm with a benefit dinner to follow. This year the gala honors the Surdna Foundation, and awards Children’s Hope Chest with the Spirit of Family award:

The Surdna Foundation seeks to foster sustainable communities in the United States — communities guided by principles of social justice and distinguished by healthy environments, strong local economies, and thriving cultures. The Foundation was founded in 1917 by John Emory Andrus to pursue a range of philanthropic purposes. For over five generations, the Foundation has been governed largely by descendants of John Andrus and has developed a tradition of innovative service for those in need of help or opportunity. The Surdna Foundation and ANDRUS are linked through this unique history and the ongoing support and generosity that the Foundation demonstrates to ANDRUS’ work is transformative.

The Children’s Hope Chest is a non-profit organization founded in 2005. What began as a holiday gift-giving program organically grew into a family-based volunteer group seeking local agencies whose own missions align with CHC. The organization relies upon a grass roots approach to reach new donors and develop volunteerism. For each person that steps up to help CHC, another child is helped. The essence of the organization is summed up in a few simple sentences.  Each donor is always asked to help a child in need by “Holding out your hand, opening your heart and offering hope.” 

The Children’s Hope Chest parents and children have regularly volunteered at ANDRUS over the years, fostering a spirit of family giving and generosity, and we could not think of a better recipient for this year’s Spirit of Family Award.

ANDRUS nurtures social and emotional well-being in children, families, and communities by delivering a broad range of vital services and by providing research, training, and innovative program models that promote the standard of excellence for professional performance in and beyond our service community.

With programs on campus, in schools and within community-based settings throughout Westchester County, the nonprofit reaches almost 4,500 children and families each year from the New York Metropolitan area. ANDRUS also operates the Andrus Center for Learning and Innovation (ACLI) and the ANDRUS Sanctuary Institute, which has provided training and consultation to over 350 organizations worldwide in the use of a trauma-sensitive model for treatment and organizational change. Visit to learn more.

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