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The Volunteer Program of ANDRUS provides opportunities for friends and neighbors to help us better serve our children. Volunteers bring compassion and hope along with their service. Through helping staff, lending a hand, supporting our cause and providing smiles, members of the Volunteer Program impact lives in small and large ways.

There are many opportunities for all ages and skill levels at Andrus. We strive to have each volunteer seen as a valuable resource and feel engaged in our work. In return, the staff supports our volunteers and recognizes them as members of the Andrus “family”, working as a unified team toward the same goal of providing a better life for the children we serve.

Throughout the year, dedicated volunteers lend their time and effort to enhance our children’s experiences at Andrus. Volunteers perform many valuable tasks at our 14 sites throughout Westchester County. There are abundant opportunities to express your creativity and compassion, and also share your knowledge within our organization.

Our goal is to find the perfect fit for you and your skills in our community. Every extra hand makes a difference and helps nurture hope in our children for a brighter future. The children we serve come to us from hardships and trauma, so we hope you will take the time to understand and embrace them. Our priority is creating a safe and welcoming space for the children you will meet. We invite each volunteer to help us reach this goal.


Volunteers in action

Who Can Volunteer

Adults – Men and woman of all ages are welcome. The only requirements are time, dedication, and reliability. All volunteers will be interviewed and screened through a NYS background check and at our Health Center.

Young Adults – Due to the population and ages of the children we serve, we can only accept volunteers over the age of 16, unless a guardian will be present at each visit. Young adult volunteers will be interviewed and screened through a NYS background check and at our Health Center.

Some ways to be a part of creating a brighter future for our children include:

After School Homework Help – Assist a student with homework organization and skill development. Help boost a child’s confidence and love for learning is nurtured.

Waiting Room Companion– play games, help with snacks or just have a conversation with clients and families waiting to be seen at one of our three mental health clinics. Assist the front desk staff with office tasks.

Orchard School– Located on our Yonkers campus, our special education school serves children in grades K-9. Volunteers assist the teachers in the classroom setting as needed.

Adopt a Cottage – For corporations, schools, religious and community organizations and individuals who are interested in adopting one of our cottages, there are many opportunities to enrich the lives of the children in residence. Some groups organize special events and learning opportunities. Others carry out projects to update and beautify the living spaces on campus.

Weekend Visitors – Spend an hour on a weekend, once or twice a month, sharing your interests with a child from our residential program who does not receive weekend visits from family members.

Intramural Sports – Bring your love and expertise in a sport to an intramural sporting program for the children.

Exploring the Arts – Share your love of the arts by providing an arts and crafts, drama, dance or musical experience.

Andrus Early Learning Center– Located in Tuckahoe, this full-day early childhood education center serves children from six weeks through 5 years of age. Volunteers assist the teachers in the classroom setting and provide one-on-one support to children.

Eastchester After School Youth Program (EASY) – Located at the Anne Hutchinson School, this program serves children in the Eastchester school district from Kindergarten through Grade 5. Volunteers provide assistance with a variety of activities including mentoring and homework guidance.

… and so much more!

For more information about volunteering, fill out the form below. You can also download the ANDRUS Volunteer Application and send to ANDRUS or call 914.965.3700 and ask for the Development Office.

Volunteer/Student Application Form

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