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Sanctuary is a way to understand the impact of adversity, create connections and empower people by creating environments and dialogues that promote safety, recovery, respect and partnership.


Sanctuary Highlights:

  1. The philosophy and tools of Sanctuary are simple but powerful. They can be practiced in small settings like people’s homes, in medium sized settings like schools, social service and business settings and even large environments like entire communities.
  2. Sanctuary helps leaders; staff and the people they serve in their organizations build trauma-responsive communities.
  3. A primary Sanctuary tactic is to shift the question posed to clients, students, and/or family members from “What’s the matter with you?” to “What happened to you?”
  4. Organizations and agency staff members that serve populations with chronic trauma often unknowingly absorb their clients’ trauma, frustrations and despair. These stressors can quickly accumulate with detrimental impact on everyone involved and likely affecting the staff person’s personal and professional interactions. Sanctuary anticipates this and offers modeling to address vicarious trauma.


What Do We Do at the ANDRUS Sanctuary Institute?

Through ongoing training, support, check-ins and quality assurance, we help foster sustainable change within organizations to create a safe place for people who need healing as well a safe place for those who offer the care. This approach also supports empowerment and growth on both individual and organizational levels.


Who Do We Help through the ANDRUS Sanctuary Institute?

We assist children, families, organizations and communities who share one thing in common – they are hurting.Cities and towns — across the United States and within countries that include Australia, Scotland and Ecuador — have asked the Institute to help them to help their communities to heal.

All told, as of December 2015, the ANDRUS Sanctuary Institute has provided training and consultation to over 350 organizations worldwide in the use of a trauma-responsive model for organizational change.

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