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Accomplishments & Statistics

 We are very proud of our students’ performance on New York State tests, including Regents exams, and the academic progress they achieve while at the Orchard School.


The Orchard School provides students with the ability to succeed in school behaviorally and academically in a therapeutic environment reflective of the Sanctuary commitments.


 86% of Orchard School Students participate in New York State Assessments for Grades 3-8 and 9th grade Regents exams.

 Students in Grades 3-8 take NYS Exams in ELA & Math. 4th & 8th graders also take the NYS Exam in Science. Each student obtains a raw score, scale score and performance level.


  • Students who have been at the Orchard School for 2 or more years show the equivalence of one or more grade levels of progress as based on scale score improvement

  • The most significant progress is seen at the 7th and 8th grade levels as compared to the national average for 7th and 8th grade special education and minority populations

  • 75 % of our 4th and 8th grade students perform at or above grade level in Science

9th Grade Regents

Our students take the New York State Regents and are eligible for Regents credits and a Regents diploma.

Earth Science:

  • 78 % of our 9th graders achieved a passing score on the Earth Science Regents

  • 34% received credits towards a Regents Diploma


  • 89% of our students achieved a passing score on the Algebra Regents

  • 44 % received credit towards a Regents Diploma


Living Environment:

  • In 2011, 70% the students at the Orchard School passed the Living Environment Regents.

  • 50% of the students who passed received a score of 80 or higher.