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Early Recognition Program

The ANDRUS Early Recognition Program promotes healthy children and families by spreading awareness about mental health. Through the program, we provide wellness screenings for children ages 2 to 18 living in the Yonkers community. This screening is intended to help recognize concerns in cognitive, emotional, or behavioral development in children.  Through the use of two different types of screening tools, our bilingual Early Recognition Specialist is able to collect information from parents and interpret results to see if a child might benefit from mental health services. Families are then connected to the proper resources within the community for further evaluation, if needed. All screenings are voluntary and confidential. This program is funded by the NYS Office of Mental Health.

Through the use of the Sanctuary Model, the ANDRUS Early Recognition Program conducts workshops for community partners, parents, and other Yonkers residents. The purpose of these workshops is to help participants learn about trauma—what it is, how it impacts the children, how it impacts us, and what we can do. Stigma is reduced by increasing awareness of the impact of adverse life experiences and their impact upon child development and mental health.

Did you Know?

  • Untreated emotional health issues can affect how well a child does in school, family relationships and the ability to make friends. By identifying emotional issues early, this program can help parents/guardians and their children obtain the support they may need.
  • A screening is important because the earlier that you know that your child has an emotional health need, the sooner you can take action.
  • Annual emotional health screenings are just as important to your child’s health as annual physicals, hearing, and vision screenings.
  • Early identification and intervention of  mental health symptoms has been proven to help emotional, intellectual, and physical development,. It provides relief from symptoms earlier rather than later and possibly prevent long-term problems.
  • Even if your child is already receiving services, having them screened periodically can help the service provider measure your child’s progress and their continued needs.

What does the Early Recognition Program Offer?

Sometimes it is hard to know if your child’s emotional development is on track. To help with this, we offer the following services:

  • Screening: In common settings like schools, Health Centers and other community locations to reach children early who may have emotional needs.
  • Connection: To local supports from which you and your family might benefit.
  • Assessment: Comprehensive and as needed to identify needs and strengths of both child and family.
  • Evidence-based treatment: Interventions that have been shown to work.

How the program works:

Any person can refer their child to the Early Recognition Program. Once a child is screened, the Early Recognition Specialist will interpret the results and provide a follow up summary of findings and recommendations for the child. The screening tool consists of two brief questionnaires which a parent or child (depending their age) can complete.

How does my child qualify?

  • Children ages 2-18 years are eligible for a screening, explanation of results and referral , if needed, for further services.
  • Resident of  the city of Yonkers
  • Parent/Guardian signed consent form to be screened.

To learn more or to arrange a screening, contact:

Cherie Gonzalez

Early Recognition Specialist

Phone (914)-965-1109 x2446


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